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Recent trends, advice, and resources for business plans and early stage business development.

8 min read

What Do Investors Look for in a Business Plan?

This is the first in a series of posts that will elaborate on the specific answer to the question: What do investors look for in a business plan?

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The Four Types of Business Plans (& Outlines To Help You Write Them)

7 min read

What Is A Business Plan (& Do I Really Need One?)

You’ve been thinking about this for a decade. You are going to open the perfect coffee shop.

You've worked at three different cafés in the last nine years (four if you include the one where they didn't have a POS and you only lasted a week). Your list of...

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The Masterplans Guide to Creating the Best Damn Pitch Deck Ever

11 min read

A Guide To Creating the Perfect Pitch Deck

Masterplans has created thousands of pitch decks to help our clients obtain equity investors. Learn our secrets to the best pitch deck ever.

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How to build a funnel to raise investment capital with Foundersuite

4 min read

How To Build An Investor Funnel For Your Startup

By partnering with Foundersuite, Masterplans clients get their pitch materials in front of potential investors

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8 ways to launch a startup & how to use them

3 min read

Top 8 Ways to Fund a Startup

You have a lot of different options for capital, including bootstrapping, credit cards, business loans, friends & family, crowdfunding, angel investors, venture capital, family offices and government grants. There are even more, but these are what we’ll...

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How to Show At-Risk Investment in Your Immigration Visa Business Plan

2 min read

How to Demonstrate At-Risk Investment in Your Business Plan

What is “at-risk investment”? If you said, “It’s money I’m at risk of spending on fun things like a new Tesla,” well, keep reading (because that ain’t it).  U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, says, “For the capital to be ‘at risk,’...

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How to to understand a business plan's cash flow statement

1 min read

What is the cash flow statement (and why it matters)

If your home-grown business plan financial model is super tripped out with tons of drivers and interlocking financial statements, you can pat yourself on the back and skip over this blog post.

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What is Mezzanine Funding & Startups Use It

3 min read

What is Mezzanine Financing (And Is It Right for Your Business?)

Most entrepreneurs know about the traditional types of funding: debt or equity. But did you know there’s something that combines the two? It’s broadly referred to as mezzanine financing. In this post, I’ll quickly review of debt and equity funding, then...

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How to Avoid A Business Plan Emergency

4 min read

5 Ways to Avoid a Business Plan Emergency

Sirens blare and traffic parts. Someone is rushed down the hall to the ER on a gurney. It’s an emergency—a business plan emergency!

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A history of franchises and how to put together a business plan

2 min read

A Brief, Non-Boring History of Franchises

Ever dreamt of escaping your cubicle and becoming your own boss?

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