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Recent trends, advice, and resources for business plans and early stage business development.

5 min read

Writing a Solid Business Plan: Fundamentals and Principles

I’ve worked as a business plan writer since 2006, and it’s been a remarkably fun and fulfilling career for me. I get to see entrepreneurs of all sorts, from all over the world, live out their dreams.

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Silver Lining: The Good News About a Bad Economy

5 min read

From Layoffs to Innovation: How Economic Downturns Spark New Business

It’s hard to go a day without hearing a report of another major corporation laying off workers. Layoffs are painful for everyone involved, especially...

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Can You Use ChatGPT to Write Your Business Plan?

9 min read

The Robots Are Coming for Our Jobs. Here’s Why We’re Not Scared.

When an esteemed colleague told me about ChatGPT about a month ago, I was well into the Christmas spirit and not interested in assessing the risk...

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What is Your Entrepreneur Personality Type?

2 min read

What Your Personality Type Can Tell You About Being an Entrepreneur

Personality tests can be controversial. Some people swear by them, while others think they’re no more valid than horoscopes (and your opinion on...

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