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Recent trends, advice, and resources for business plans and early stage business development.


Business Plan 101: All Your Questions Answered

5 min read

Writing a Solid Business Plan: Fundamentals and Principles

I’ve worked as a business plan writer since 2006, and it’s been a remarkably fun and fulfilling career for me. I get to see entrepreneurs of all...

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Can You Use ChatGPT to Write Your Business Plan?

9 min read

ChatGPT Is Coming for Our Jobs. Here’s Why We’re Not Scared.

When an esteemed colleague told me about ChatGPT about a month ago, I was well into the Christmas spirit and not interested in assessing the risk...

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Market Research Was Once Much More Difficult Than It Is Today

15 min read

Best Tools For Market Research in 2023

Market research has progressed significantly in the last few years. Information that was once difficult to obtain is now just a mouse click away. In...

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What businesses work for an E-2 Visa? Almost anything!

5 min read

The (Relative) Simplicity of the E-2 Investor Visa, a Versatile Immigration Option

There’s a lot to love about the E-2 visa. It’s available to citizens of more than 80 treaty countries. There’s no annual cap limiting how many...

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Masterplans named Top 5 Business Plan Writer & an interview with William Dean, VP of Immigration

5 min read

Masterplans Named 'Top 5 Business Plan Writer' (for the 5th Time!)

For the fifth time, EB-5 Investors Magazine named Masterplans a “Top 5 Business Plan Writer.”

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What Qualifies Someone for the EB2-NIW (There are No Right Answers but Many Wrong Ones)

6 min read

Strategies for Securing the Elusive EB-2 National Interest Waiver

Here's an embarrassing confession: the first time a client approached me about their NIW petition, I’d never even heard of EB-2. E-2 I knew by heart;...

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How to Show At-Risk Investment in Your Immigration Visa Business Plan

2 min read

How to Demonstrate At-Risk Investment in Your Business Plan

What is “at-risk investment”? If you said, “It’s money I’m at risk of spending on fun things like a new Tesla,” well, keep reading (because that...

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How to to understand a business plan's cash flow statement

1 min read

What is the cash flow statement (and why it matters)

If your home-grown business plan financial model is super tripped out with tons of drivers and interlocking financial statements, you can pat...

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How Much Investment Is Required for an E-2 Visa Business Plan?

2 min read

How Much Do You Need to Invest to Get an E-2 Visa?

An immigration attorney emailed me yesterday morning to ask whether I’d ever seen a successful E-2 visa case where the investment was under $50,000....

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